American Farm School of Thessaloniki / Perrotis College of Agriculture, Environment and Life Sciences

The American Farm School of Thessaloniki, Greece, is an independent, nonprofit educational institution founded in 1904 to serve the population of Greece and the Balkans.  Major educational divisions include the Primary School, Haseotes Middle School, High School, and the Perrotis College of Agriculture, Environment and Life Sciences (Junior College, B.Sc., M.Sc., Adult Education, and Extension Services).  The School prepares its graduates for prominent roles in community life and for varied careers in agriculture, science and the food industry by teaching agricultural and business practices that are economically viable, ecologically sound and socially responsible.   The School’s founder, Dr. John Henry House, was a practical idealist who believed in educating the whole individual:  the head, the hands and the heart.  After more than a century of implementing the founder’s vision, the American Farm School today remains dedicated to the dynamic fusion of theory and practice in all levels of agricultural and life science education that has become the institution’s hallmark.

The Perrotis College of Agriculture, Environment and Life Sciences, founded in 1996, educates leaders for sustainable development in Greece, throughout southeastern Europe, and beyond. The English language curriculum leading to B.Sc., B.A. and M.Sc. degrees prepares graduates for management positions in life sciences, food technology, agriculture, and preservation of natural resources.