Bold Logistics

Bold Logistics – A company that came to change the way urban distributions are made.

If you’re one of those people who drive downtown during rush hour, then you’ve definitely come across a little white van with a blue lightning bolt. They are quiet, flexible, do not obstruct vehicle traffic at all and above all pedestrians. These are the electric vans of Bold Logistics.

This is the first purely electric transport company. It was launched to offer delivery services with electric vehicles helping companies to achieve decarbonization goals as well as to be in compliance with the new FEC for the hours of supplying stores in Athens and neighboring municipalities.

The building that is home to Bold is bioclimatic, located on Athinon Avenue, is powered by renewable energy (wind energy) and has the first cooled microhub for charging electric vehicles.

The services offered are distribution and logistics. The corporate fleet is designed to offer flexibility, economy and temperature accuracy while not polluting the atmosphere. At the same time there is carbon footprint management based on ISO:50001 principles.

The development and actions

In its first year of operation, the capacity of its customers is constantly growing, with a delivery dynamic of 8,500 boxes per month. It visits 4,500 delivery spots throughout Athens and serves companies that supply HORECA, BARECA, Super market, pharmacies, hospitals, as well as small retailers.

Bold is a leader in the decarbonization of deliveries. It has collected over 1,500 tonnes of carbon and for the distributions it carries out tree planting on behalf of its customers in partnership with we4all.

The company expects that in the first half of 2024 it will be able to serve the whole of Attica. It also has plans to develop its first city logistics center in the Elaionas area.