EfthimiouLab stands as the sole orthopedic prosthetics laboratory in Central Greece. The entity, Efthymiou G.P., with a 25-year tenure, boasts extensive experience and a pioneering position in the realm of orthopedic science and rehabilitation. With a commitment to innovation centered on patient care, it has established the first and only Orthopedic Prosthetics Laboratory in Central Greece, encompassing a total area of 600 sq.m.

The firm excels as a frontrunner in the health sector across key specialties such as Physiatry, Orthopedics, Neurology, Vascular Surgery, General Surgery, and Neurosurgery within Central Greece. It provides comprehensive solutions featuring modern and groundbreaking aids and cutting-edge equipment, in close collaboration with specialized doctors to ensure the highest quality and swiftest service for patients. This is achieved through a personalized multidisciplinary approach and a tailored work plan for each patient.

EFTHYMIOU G.P. has forged exclusive partnerships with world-renowned companies, leading in the research and production of prosthetic and orthotic aids and materials.

Modern Prosthetic Services

Innovation in artificial limb services. Advanced artificial limbs are designed to better facilitate daily activities by mimicking the functionality and, at times, the appearance of a real limb.

Modern Orthotic Services

State-of-the-art orthotic aids leverage innovative products and modern technologies to offer cutting-edge solutions.

3D Scanning – 3D Printing

High-quality measurements are achievable through 3D scanning technology. The optical scanner enables the digital recreation of a high-resolution 3D model of the patient in seconds, without necessitating direct contact.