ElecTribe is redefining sustainable fleet management from the ground up. Based in Greece, it provides businesses with a comprehensive solution for operating electric fleets. Its platform simplifies and economizes the adoption of green practices for companies, serving as a singular point of reference for all fleet management needs, from vehicle acquisition to ongoing operations.

The ElecTribe solution is comprised of three elements: Marketplace, Platform, and Operations.

At the heart of ElecTribe’s offering is its integrated Marketplace, where businesses can connect with a curated selection of electric and micro-vehicle suppliers and service providers. Through its Marketplace, each company finds the right vehicles to meet their specific operational needs, with flexible acquisition options such as subscribing or purchasing.

Its unified Platform offers a streamlined approach to fleet management, enabling effective monitoring and optimization of performance metrics to ensure operational excellence.

Furthermore, ElecTribe recognizes the challenges companies face when transitioning to electric fleets. Its Operations services are designed to mitigate these hurdles. Through a key partners network, it provides essential support from emergency charging solutions to expert consulting on transition strategies. This comprehensive support system not only facilitates a smoother shift to electric vehicles but also enhances the sustainability and efficiency of business operations.

ElecTribe’s approach is practical and grounded, focusing on delivering tangible benefits to businesses while contributing to environmental sustainability. Its offering is designed to meet the evolving needs of its clientele, who are keen on enhancing their operational efficiency within the framework of a sustainable and cleaner urban mobility future.