Hellenic Center of Additive Manufacturing (H-CAM SA) is a startup company and Competence Center, providing integrated services and technological solutions, training and education in the field of Additive Manufacturing. Its unique proposition enables its customers to integrate additive manufacturing technologies, mindset and approaches into their products and operations. Leveraging its capabilities, innovates the value chain of products and services and improves the time to market and the life cycle of products.

H-CAM SA is a startup “one-stop-shop” using commercial state-of-the-art technologies and materials to efficiently apply them to mechanisms, devices, products and production lines. The integration of these technologies can benefit various types of industries from the construction sector, the pharmaceutical, the consumer goods to aerospace, automotive and defense. Our capabilities include a wide portfolio of filament, resin and pellet-based polymers to produce objects from 0.003m3 up to 3.8m3.

  • Services: On demand manufacturing/ Design & Engineering / Prototyping / Technology development
  • Technologies: Fused Deposition Modeling/ continuous Digital Light Processing / Large Format Additive Manufacturing


H-CAM SA has the ability to improve the supply chain of spare parts from a single prototype up to a limited series, including design and manufacturing management. Additive Manufacturing (AM) technology minimizes manufacturing restrictions, allowing the construction of high-complexity objects. The state-of-the-art software tools and processes can transform an idea into an innovative product, improving its performance, time to market and material management. H-CAM SA offers solutions that minimize time from idea to production with no tooling, less material, and optimized pathways. The fast fabrication and validation of a product is crucial for many fast-growing industries. Rapid Prototyping of a model product through AM can accelerate this process, reducing costs and the time to market. H-CAM SA can produce realistic prototypes through AM technologies like custcustomisedls and mold inserts. H-CAM can also manufacture assembly aids, fixtures and jigs meeting specified criteria.