Pytheia Competence Center (PCC)

The Pytheia Competence Center (PCC) is now, a leading institution in Greece in healthcare, acting as a pioneer in medical and technological progress.

In fact, we revolutionized medical education and healthcare using advanced technologies such as augmented reality and artificial intelligence. We act as a dynamic link between the private and public sectors.

At PCC we accelerate progress in the healthcare sector by building strategic partnerships with universities and research institutions worldwide recognized. We provide medical professionals with the tools and resources to enhance their effectiveness, help researchers advance their discoveries, elevate universities to global rankings, and guide hospitals in the transition to the digital age.

Our actions significantly improve the effectiveness of the healthcare system, directly affecting the quality of patient care.

Through our research on the automation of mental health systems, we have identified and addressed significant shortcomings, leading to groundbreaking solutions that significantly enhance health care delivery.

We have created the original physical laboratory, in which all members of the medical community (doctors, students, teachers) are trained in the new technologies, particularly patients and healthcare providers in the use of state-of-the-art technology.

Pytheia has outstanding expertise in innovation analysis and market research, ensuring that our initiatives are at the forefront of the medical business.

We effectively market advanced solutions created in our laboratories or in partnership with universities, demonstrating our technological expertise and commitment to the practical advancement of healthcare.

Pytheia not only deals with innovation for the future, but also actively shapes it. You can join us in our efforts to transform the healthcare industry, where each initiative represents an important step towards a healthier and more technologically sophisticated future.