Rhoé is a mobility and green technology start-up that aims to lead the transition to cleaner forms of energy and create a more sustainable future for everyone, by making sustainable mobility solutions business-sensible. For this purpose, it builds optimization software that bridges carbon-neutral forms of energy with emerging technologies, facilitating private and public organizations in the maritime and urban mobility sector to make the green transition. Thus, it provides valuable skills to companies involved in a variety of projects. These include:

  • Transportation modeling and predictive models
  • Energy usage optimization
  • ESG models and reporting
  • Data analytics
  • Cloud and local platform development
  • Machine learning implementation

Currently, Rhoé operates in two major industries: maritime and urban mobility. In the urban mobility sector, it has undertaken significant projects such as developing Electric Vehicle Charging Infrastructure Plans for 42 Greek municipalities. This involves strategically determining optimal locations, pricing structures, and overall EV infrastructure strategies dynamically. Additionally, it actively participates in the OPTIMUS project, collaborating with charging station operators, consultants, and beneficiaries to optimize network performance.

In the maritime sector, Rhoé is engaged in two groundbreaking European research programs – “HYPOBATT” and “Current Direct.” These programs focus on advancing the electrification of ships and developing swappable battery containers, respectively. To support these initiatives, it has created the Energy-as-a-Service platform, a swappable battery network for inland waterway and coastal shipping electric ships, ensuring vessel owners access to clean energy when needed at a competitive price. While recently, it has undertaken the SwapWave project, aiming to assess the feasibility and sustainability of integrating battery-swapping technology for electric ships in the Ionian Islands.